How Danish met Heth.

Wondrake is felt in the passage from waking consciousness to unconsciousness unintentionally and is the closest experience most life forms have to DEATH which is a good friend of mine as DEATH is to all Awakened Shamans and mystics. In the cosmos DEATH or Destruction Eats All Things Here was created by a Chrononaught who traveled back and realized there would be a need for more room.

If you asked her she would say “it’s a really simple concept really, all the parallel dimensions and synchronistic components were captured in the astral realm and forced to inhabit eternal jewels, ruby’s sapphires and all the rest, we fed them to Sludge and Sludge agreed to create a timer for all living things preset to kill them at the right time. This was fine with the naive Time Traveler who was, is, will be existing and promptly forgot all about everything and found herself naked staring at the sun on a grassy field in the middle of a football stadium her name being Heth.

This is a message the human interface interpreter received from Zi.

Five health, and nothing but a dried up old piece of lettuce. Zi Field Agent 1 began the mental preparations for a long journey which it was ill-equipped. 0 and the power required to finish the task infallibly constructed out of pure luck. Zi had, has and will be having the perspective of a new god being born of no parents. Aware of his weaning powers Frem is disparate to undo the tide of the “Infrastructure” surrounding him as are we all. Frem is an agricultural Deity promoting sustainable perm culture and horizontal integration to combat the vertical powers of the great pyramid the imperial corporate monolith and the all seeing detached surveillance camera.

Wondrake levels in humans have been low recently due to blocked mytho-poetic vibes. Danishes has determined to stop the evil forces of the demonic hordes through art, love and most importantly “The Will” Danishes knows he is named after a pastry and this suits is nature perfectly in these modern time though Danishes is not Danish. Danishes likes 2 dollar wine and right now Danishes is running full speed through a “walking only zone” even though there is no sign Danishes knows that “THEY” or The Hateful Enemy Yiggs or Yiggs for short are following him trying to enforce there rules on his status quo.

Well Danishes is quite able to fight them with his trusty companion “Uh… hey trusty companion where did you go” Danishes says to himself. This is all quite funny until the paranoia sets in which the Yiggs can feel and sense blocks away and suddenly your surrounded by a writhing mass of anonymous humanity with it’s thrusting pelvic maneuvers and erotic innuendos of never ending sexual intimidation Danishes loves it.

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