How Danish met Heth.

Mildly dazed and confused Heth…er walks out of the stadium getting a few smirks from the janitors there, Danishes notice’s her naked nubile pulsating body fluctuating in accordance with the vibraphone and a distinct maroon tinge in her aura and bolts toward her galumphing with acrobatic agility and barely detectable synchronic teleportation aka running. All the Yiggs at this state being occupied with self-defeating nihilism and guilt about how much everyone else hates them and then taking it out on those very same people in a vicious cycle they should really seek help for.

Doo Da Doo Fra Le La Frem is singing to himself in his high high tower on top of his ancient castle in his giant hollowed out underground layer upon his most fluffy feather bed suddenly thinking about strawberry’s and grapes and rasberry’s

Rasberry’s, you know that sound you hear when you put your lips to someone’s navel and blow air out of them really fast and it really tickles… well ya, that’s what Danishes did to Heth…er upon first meeting her. There conversation went something not at all like this “he he, who are you” she giggled

“I’m the rasberrynator and you’ve been rasberryed all hail Rasperion god of the raspberry” Danishes lifted an eyebrow all sexy like and began to wonder why she was naked and what they were doing at this stadium.

Heth replied “hail raspewriown?”

Danishes content with that said “yes exactly, right on… so uh where hath yourn cloth begot to and what may I ask are you herethwithawaffel”

Heth catching the drift literally and figuratively responded with a shouting “I LOST MINE ADORNMENTS IN A TEMPORAL ACCIDENT AND HAVEITH A WAFFEL I DO NOT”

At this the Yiggs all stared for a second and then went back to beating the living shit out of some poor sap who had been running to much, Danishes always let the blame fall somewhere else, it never seemed to find him even if he followed his prime directive 1.“try to get in trouble” hadn’t managed it once.

“Well then we shall have to remedy this situation post hast at this waffle house and maybe we can make you some clothes out of them.” replied Danishes which was totally hot and sexy and made Heth blush furiously.

So they went to the greatest most sacred of holy temples for all individuals desiring of Waffles. The Waiter was shocked that Heth was naked and also shocked cause Danishes shot him with a electricity gun he built at a workshop.

ZAPTCH “Fwump!!” was the sound his hopefully unconscious not Discipline Elevates A Dead body made when it entered the lower atmosphere and habitat of the diner floor. The patrons looked at Danishes but assumed it was Heth(ers) fault but didn’t see the gun and thought the waiter passed out cause she was naked.

“OK” Danishes said in a voice loud enough for the other patrons to hear

“lets make you some clothes out of waffles, lie down on top of this bar”

Heth complied not knowing the customs of this time or place and being excited by the prospect of having waffle clothes.

So the for the next half hour the cooks made lots of waffles. Danishes sewed the waffle skirt together with thin strips of bacon and used syrup as glue. The bra and shirt were made with pancakes and whip crème and two cherry’s. Some people took pictures and Danishes realized this was a great idea and stole the film from there camera when they were in the bathroom with the intention to sell the picture’s himself so he would not have to zap the next waiter when he wanted some waffles.

When they were full and done they bowed and everybody clapped except the waiter who was just regaining consciousness as they were just regaining themselves outside. The waffle dress was so innovative and clever that few people were able to perceive it’s existence as with anything cool like that so only innovative and clever people could see it which meant no one but Danishes and Heth would notice them it was as if they were invisible cause the Yiggs on the telepathy network were really pissed so they blocked the two’s from people’s mind until sufficient normality could be restored.

“Where is you desired location?” asked D of H

“Paradise or Utopia” was Heth’s reply

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