A boy and his encounter with yin-yang.

Long ago in ancient times, myth & lore were a foot in all towns dragons, gyphons nagi were the most for told, some of the lesser stories were of night stalkers ghosts who had there souls lost to the night. But the one that is most unfamiliar and least told is of the 2 koi, sister and brother even though they can appear before us as human only a few have seen them. And even less tell the story, now each of them has a condition, yang can only appear during day if she so chooses and is known as the pure white kio and can preform miracles. Yin on the other hand can only appear during the time that the depths of dark night has swallowed time. Yin is known as the black koi and is said to bring destruction to those who see him. Only one can exist at a time except during the transition of day and both are koi. Few know this but stating there names can reverse them to koi’s.

Our story starts with the eldest son of the local fisherman. One day Lang decides to help his father on the boat and catch fish. The day seemed to be a loss, no fish were biting that is until mid day and Langs line gave a tug, then a pull. It took the might of both Lang and his father to reel in the line. But the fish had gotten away. Discouraged and with a sense of defeat the fisherman sent lang to the market for food.

At the market lang stared in wonder at all the stalls, even though he had been to the market many times all the food, stalls and treasures from around still amazed lang, catching a breath from all the looking around lang saw her. The most enchanting of all girls, she was dressed in white robes and hair of silver. The twilight sun gave her a glow and lang was catch better than a fish. But like a fish he pulled against his line. So he just gazed from afar, his eyes never left her. The silver haired beauty soon noticed and smiled, but didn’t hesitate. She walked up to lang grabbed his hand and lead him to a corner but ran right into the ally. Lang fallowed as best he could but when he rounded the corner she was gone. All that was left were 2 koi on the ground one of pure white and the other of pure black. Lang picked them up to take them home and soon realized that the misty darkness of night had begun to fall upon the land.

As soon as lang arrived home he showed his father the 2 fish, they rushed a tank of water to keep the two koi alive. The fisherman was baffled, he had never seen koi of such pure color. After making sure the koi were healthy and the long exposure to air hadn’t harmed them to badly, lang helped his father prepare dinner. Langs mother had passed away to an illness a few years ago, so lang helped his father all he could and langs father did what he could to keep them alive. The years had been tough and fish have been scarce. Lang had gotten used to eatlynly a bowl of rice for breakfast and dinner, neither of them ate lunch and worked instead.

After what little they had for dinner lang and his father had gone to there rooms to sleep,
only a mere four hours had passed when lang felt something moist on his face. At first dazed and confused lang though his father had put a wet clothe on him, but as he came around lang noticed that it was his fathers hand, covered in blood. Lang quickly rose, his father laid blood stand and dead next to lang. A chuckle came from the corner of the room,

“Who is there!” yelled lang. The room was still dark and only a silhouette could be made out
the figure had continued to laugh
“What the hell is so funny?” lang shouted. His eyes had now ajustingto the dark, saw that it was a man standing in the corner.

Lang got up and clenched his fist, he had nothing left both his parents dead. Swalledwith rage lang didn’t care if it killed him, this man would pay for what he had done
“We are the essence of the world” the man spoke at last.”always entwined, never apart and always influencing each other. We make the world what it is, its because of us there is good and bad, right and wrong.” the mans voice trailed almost like he was reciting a poem
“What are you talking about, you don’t make any sense!” lang was confused and had no patients for these riddles.

“Open your eyes boy, i’m here because I can, I do what I do because I enjoy it, and your about to join your father, not even my sister can save you now. The dark consumes all!’ the mysterious man raised his hand ready to strike lang down. Lang shielded his face with his hands ready for the the attack but remembered a poem his mother used to tell him.

Yin and yang, the two koi fish
Brother and sister, big and small, tough and frail
one is bad the other good,
but combined there human
but separate there pure,
sister shines in the day
and brother takes the night
say there names to see the pure koi
but let them roam as human and see there power
“say there names to see the pure koi, thats it!” lang though to himself “Yin, Yang show me your pure form!” lang shouted as yin was about to strike lang down.
Suddenly in a burst of light yin had disappeared, all that was left were the same 2 pure black and pure white koi on the ground. Lang huddled over all that was left in his life, these 2 koi that had ruined what was left of his life. Lang was crying for the first time since his mother had died.

Through the window a ray of light shown through. It was morning already. Time had moved on without him. His life had stopped but he still had to go on, then a second light shown in the cabin, but from inside. The two koi were changing again, but this time into the silver haired girl from yesterday. Lang afraid was up against the wall now. Yang simple glanced around the room then fell to her knees and begged forgiveness for what she had caused.
Lang confused simple told her she had done nothing wrong,

“No, its all my fault I had wanted to see the world again, and I stayed to long then my brother got loose its all my fault. I must make it up to you” tears were rolling down Yangs face as said pleaded for forgiveness. Yang stood up and started glowing in the sun. she looked down at lang and waved. With a flash of light both she and her father had vanish from the room.

Lang sat there confused then heard someone at the front door. He got up to see who it was, langs heart jumped when he saw both his father and mother standing outside.
“how did Yang do it?” lang thought to him self. Well it didn’t matter things were fixed both his parents had been returned to him.

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