A story.

My very best friend when I was little was a girl(il call her tracy) I actually used to live with her and her family, and we were close in the way only young girls can be- we went everywhere together. We would giggle together, tell each other everything, and sleep in the same bed. We were there for each others first period, losing our virginity, our first kisses, our first cigarettes. It didnt matter that we hated school because we could hate it together. Everything we owned we owned between us.

Now tracy is grown up and has three children, and we are strangers to each other. Sometimes, when life gets too much I miss my first best friend, and grieve for our closeness.I will never be so close to another person again, the innocence and magic has gone. And we WERE innocent, I realize that now. I didnt know then how nasty people could be.

There are always times when im missing tracy but then i realize that those intense same sex freindships belong to youth, maybe its something we all grow out of. Im sure most people can remember having those close hand holding phases at school, but sometimes I do miss my youth and my closeness to other people. Now im grown up and had to learn to be autonomous and fight every battle myself.Its just sad when we all have to learn to be strangers to each other.

A good thing to remember is to be nice to other people, neighbours,friends, family, -lets remember people are not meant to be alone.

peace love and harmony xxxxx

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