This story teaches and shows an example to a person to realize all your friends that you may think are the closest to you, can betray you at anytime. It is about a nightclub business I ran with a friend, and got a unexpected betrayal.

I was only 15 at the moment of when this took place. I had a best friend that i had known for 6 years of my life. We went through problems together, happiness and joy together, and sorrows that came through our lives. We met each other from elementary school in grad 5. We eventually ended up going to the same high school together and known each other since. His name was Jason. Jason had another friend in high school that i didn’t know about before, but i met from by Jason. We become really good friends as well. We always went out for lunch together and went over to each others houses all the time. We also helped each other out with our problems and homework related school issues. We always really liked to do business and we always were thinking of a new idea to come up with to start up a new business in the near future of our lives as business partners. Jason’s friend was a bit different from me and Jason. He drank a lot, he would smoke occasionally and he went to Night clubs very often. One day Jason got an idea from the night clubs. He gave me an idea to host our own nightclub as a business on a boat cruise. It sounded really exciting to me and i told him it was a great idea. but there was a problem i was unsure of. I asked him “Where are we gonna get the money from to do this?”. He responded “Don’t worry about the money i got allot of that”. At that moment i didn’t bother asking him any further about where he is getting the money from, because i was very excited to do this. He told me that he would pay $3000 + all taxes and fees and i would only need to pay $2000, i happily agreed and gave the money to Jason to BOOK the boat cruise. He told me he would get everything setup and the boat cruise booked which he did in 2 days. He informed me that the boat cruise is 2 weeks from now and we will be selling tickets. We needed to sell at least 300 tickets to break even in how much money Jason invested. The amount of money that cost for the boat cruise, upper decks, D’s and sea views was a total of $6000 as according to what Jason had told me. I started selling tickets and got help from other friends to sell tickets. Jason put up advertisements named “Jason-nightclub” on face book and other blocs. I sold about 80 tickets in the first week which was horrible. We didn’t even break even yet. I was starting to get worried because it looked like we were gonna go into a huge loss. I phoned up Jason and told him about the problem, he then came over to my house and we discussed the topic. At this point my $2000 were already used for the booking. I had to do something fast. Jason suddenly got an idea. He said i wont be able to sell even up to 300 tickets to break even  just with one more week of time, and we would go into deep loss. He then told me that we could extend the booking date and inform all the people that have already bought the tickets that it has been extended for another month of time. That way i would have much more time to sell my tickets and maybe even make a profit. I kind of got relieved. He also told me that he would be able to get even better D’s, 3 different halls and decks for different music in each and a bigger boat cruise. But he said there is a cancellation fee for the boat cruise that we currently have booked which is $1800. I really didn’t want to give in another $1800 into this because it could still go wrong, But i believed in my self and thought we could make it so i gave him another $1800. He said he would get all the new things booked and all sorted out so i don’t need to worry about anything. Later that night i couldn’t sleep and i got double minded. I suddenly had a thought in my mind that most people pay for tickets closer to the boat cruise date, usually 1 or 2 days earlier. So i decided to call Jason the next morning and i told him that we should just keep it to the date we have fixed already, which is in one more week because most people pay right before the cruise or directly at the boat cruise as a Pass. So It would end up being the same Situation if we extended it to a month later. Jason disagreed with me and he claimed “no man don’t worry you have much more time and you cannot rely on that because if it doesn’t work then were screwed in such less time. If we BOOK it to a month later it’s much better because we have more time to sort things out. Don’t worry i got this all handled”. Inside i didn’t want to do this but he persuaded me and i guess i was okay with it. Later that evening i still had bad thoughts about this idea so i called up the lady for the boat cruise we currently had booked, the one that was gonna happen next week. Jason did not cancel the bookings yet. I wanted to call her if there are any other closer dates or deals. When i called her i asked her “is there a booking for next Saturday?”. She replied “No sir it is totally free would you like to make a booking?”. I was suddenly shocked. How could this be? Jason had made the booking for next week’s Saturday a long time ago already. I thought maybe she was mistaken so i asked her again but i got the same reply. Right after making that call, i called Jason and told him that there is no booking for that date, so whats going on? He got extremely mad at me for no reason and starting yelling saying “why did you call them without asking me? huh? So your doing stuff behind my back? Your betraying me what the hell is this? i could sue you for copyright on my face book pages and many more things”. I said you are the one that lies about booking, why didn’t you BOOK it. He replied “you know what if your gonna be so trashy then don’t do this”. I responded back to him saying “OK fine i want my money back”. He told me that I’m not getting my money back because i talked to the lady behind his back which supposedly meant i “betrayed” him. He ran away with my money. I was in complete shock. I was in a state where i could just burst into tears. I hired a lawyer but the lawyer told me to let this money go for now because there is no proof that he ran away with your money and instead he could counter sue you for copy rights on his face book page “Jason-nightclub” since it was under his name, which he did on purpose. My lawyer told me to learn a lesson from this incident. He said “Your Family is your only REAL friend. Don’t ever trust a friend with money or personal issues no matter how close you are to him or how long you have known him because they can always backstab you. I got over it and I’m glad i learned a big lesson.

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  • ledell carter on Sep 23, 2010

    I love this story

  • MrPitBull on Sep 24, 2010

    And that is about exactly how things like that end up going.

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