This article is about an 18 year old killing a man and wounding another.

This pass weekend, at a nightclub in Americus, there was a fight to breakout in the parking lot once the club had closed. An 18 year old guy shot and killed another guy and shot and attempted to kill another. What is this world coming to? It terrifies me to think how this could have been my son or nephews! Not only is a man dead, but another(the 18 year old) man’s life is ruined. He(the 18 year old) could have gone anywhere in this world with his life. Now it’s ruined! He might spend the rest of his life in prison. And I feel like the club owner should be charged as well, because this is an underaged child possibly drinking in his club! I SAY LOCK HIM UP TOO!!! This is such a tragedy. People, please pray for these families. I beg you!

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