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Let’s hear it for our angels, now
Not the ones dressed in white
But the ones that, to fight earthly battles, vow
The ones that in the shadows choose to fight…

…Let’s hear it for our angels’ shadows
That in darkness they do shine
That are there to stand up to your foes
That in the deepest of darks, you they will always find.

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Towering high above
A gaping mouth on the horizon
The kiss between earth and sky, the water their love
So gentle it seems, but passion is fierce…

…Water falls down its long narrow spine
And shatters the silence
But peace stays in line
Water keeps flowing and returns to the start.

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Hey, I love it when you’re looking down on me
All because you’re easier for me to see
Yeah, that’s right BITCH I’m ‘a take you down
I’m a take you off a’ your high ground…

…Cause I love it when you’re looking down on me
All because you’re easier for me to see
Yeah, that’s right BITCH I’m going to take you down
I’m going to take you off of your high ground!

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I don’t care what they say
So long as that I know that what I’m doing’s for me
No one else…

…Don’t even try
I know who you are
You are a stranger I may have called “daddy”

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There is a rose
So coldly she stands
And cold they do feel; my bare little hands
And the shivering winds the freeze my bare toes…

…She still waits there
That lovely frozen rose
She still stands there in a breath taking pose
So is this punishment really all fair?

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The silver moon
So lovely Sleeps
Humming a starry tune
I’d watch he rest as dawn does creep…

…She was that wish that I had wished
The one which the moon’s cheek it kissed
A silent wish filled up it laughter
The only one that I ha chased after.

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The sword may be mighty
But the pen remains more
The sword leaves wounds that scar
But the pen stains your heart’s beating core…

…With the pen you weave the dreams of the future
And the sword merely cuts the to shreds
It brings hope and a new beginning
But with the sword is where it all ends.

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Here I am all alone
In my own little world
No one but myself is known
To live within its borders lured…

…But here I will remain
All alone because with them I really never did fit in
They are the sun and I the rain
Here in a world of my own, all alone I bear a grin.

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Some may come to ask
Will there ever be a time that everything will be just right?

…And the flaws we have we should never reject
They should glorify our lives and not make them our aching torment.

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He turned to me and asked
“Oh brother, why have we left all we ever had?
The home we once loved and still hold dear.
We left it all behind, with no true reason which I find weird…"

…I had no need to reply for I had a brother to do it for me
As quickly as possible he nodded “Lead the way Mrs. Lady!”
My brother and had found hope, or rather hope found we
To battle the world, I was sure I was ready.

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