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There are two types of Chinese language: Mandarin and Cantonese. The official Chinese is Mandarin spoken at the United Nations. Chinese cuisine is appreciated around the world.

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After the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada it is logic that the Winter Olympic Games take place in 2010 in Sochi, Federation of Russia. The light that is at the Olympic Games is brought from Greece where the Olympic games were invented. Greece is known for its agriculture, livestock, fisheries and tourism.

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“You’re English is really good!”

“Thanks, it’s my only language.”

This was an exchange that happened quite frequently during my childhood in Australia. Back in the 80s and even early 90s, there weren’t many Asian immigrants who came from English-educated backgrounds, at least not where I lived, near the Melbourne CBD.

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A typhoon approaches and Li Sung sleeps through it.

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It was just getting light when Johnny Sung opened his eyes and he could see a thin sliver of daylight creeping through the glass doors that led out onto the verandah.

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