A cute fantasy tale about a girl who rescues a baby dragon that later rescues her.




There’s nothing quite like jumping into a pool on a hot summer’s day. I certainly didn’t envy Mom or K.T. (my sister). THEY went over to the tennis courts to play a few games. My dad was sitting inside working hard and being oblivious to the world (including me). With no one to play with I decided to go swimming. I was floating on my back watching the clouds when all of the sudden something large dropped out of the sky and almost sank me. I tried to sit up and inhaled water and floundered around until I finally surfaced spluttering and coughing. Then I turned and got a good look at the object in the pool.

The object was a beautiful delicate jade-green cat-sized dragon. It had silver talons, teeth, back spines, and stomach. The large eyes were like pools of liquid silver, but they were clouding over with pain Each scale glittered and shone in the sun, and little green rainbows danced on the ripples of the pool reflecting off of the dragon. Near the dragon’s wing joint was a gash the size of my fist. The gash was clogged up with dirt and was oozing silver blood. The poor baby dragon was mentally broadcasting great pain and suffering. I could hardly bear the mental pressure.

It was apparent that the dragon had lost a dangerous amount of blood and would die if not helped soon. Luckily Mom had taught me the basics of first aid and I knew enough to clean the wound, bind it and apply pressure. Where some would see a dangerous monster I, being only seven, saw a cute baby animal in need of help, so, naturally, I helped it.

I nurtured the dragon, tended its wound, and naturally kept it hidden from the world. For a few happy weeks the dragon strengthened and grew. Then she started yearning to be free again. She wouldn’t eat or sleep but just stared out of the window to freedom. Finally I sadly let her go. She ecstatically looped and spun and flew and soared. She then came down for a last farewell and then flew east to the coast.

I have never heard from her since. Sometimes I wonder if she’s been shot or trapped and I question my decision to let her go. Then I remember her ecstasy at being free and know, dead or alive, I did the right thing for her.

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