A cute fantasy tale about a girl who rescues a baby dragon that later rescues her.


Several Years Later

            “Sarah! Sarah wake up! You’ve caught something!”

            My family and I are on an all-day fishing trip. We had all set up our lines in the deep water and sat down to wait for a bite. And wait. And wait. AND wait. Nobody ever told me that fishing was so boring. My sister’s jumping up and down in excitement. I glance at my line. Then I stare. The line is straining and the rod’s bent to snapping point. Something huge is on the end of my line. My parents and sister and I are all straining to pull in the catch. We finally succeed but the thing doesn’t give up without a fight. In the water it leaps and dives and strains and pulls. Twice it almost pulls us over board. When the thing finally wears its self out we heave it on deck.

            The thing is a beautiful four-foot eel with large, smooth, metallic sea-blue scales. We all gasp at the eel’s wild beauty. The captain wants us to skin it and sell its hide on eBay, but as it’s my catch, we empty the huge live-bait tank into several smaller tanks and put the eel in. As I gaze at it I fight back tears that threaten to flood me with sadness. The eel bears stronger resemblance to the dragon I lost than any other creature I’ve ever seen. I stagger back to my cabin and cry my heart out. I cry and cry until I cry myself to sleep.

            When I wake up I realize that it’s dark out. I sit up in alarm.

            “Surely we were only supposed to stay out ‘till 5:00? Surely we’re not lost?” I glance at the clock. It’s only 2:15. I run out on deck and immediately get drenched. The deck’s slick with rain and sea water and I could barely see for the sheets of rain. There was a crash as one of the bait tanks fell over and released the little fish onto the deck. Fortunately for the fish but unfortunately for us the water was past ankle deep. “Bail out! Bail Out!”

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