A cute fantasy tale about a girl who rescues a baby dragon that later rescues her.

            When it gets its baby back it checks to make sure its child is unharmed then turns to destroy the humans who have made it suffer. It attacked our small vessel again and again until nothing’s above water except the mast which is sinking fast and has us all clinging onto it for dear life without hope for survival.

            The serpent rears back for a final blow and suddenly whips around as a scream of defiance rends the air. Suddenly the jade dragon’s there, flying through the rain to rescue us. As hope blooms in my chest I hear the captain cry out, “We are lost! There is no longer even the faintest spark of hope for us!” I see looks of the same fear and hopelessness in my family’s eyes. The dragon dives at the serpent’s head and tears at it with her claws again and again and rapidly drives away the serpent which dives back into the water and swims to the deepest depths of the ocean to recover and raise its young.

            The dragon swoops down and scoops us all up just as the last of the mast disappears from sight. She carries us all easily as she has grown bigger than a house since I last saw her. Her delicate-looking hide is stronger than steel and ripples with powerful muscles. She holds everyone in her back claws except me. She swings me up to her back and mind-speaks to me.

            “My name is Jade. I have not forgotten you. Now I will share with you the greatest joy that I have yet to experience because if it were not for you I never could have flown again. Now… FLY”

My self melts away and joins her self in her body. I am the dragon. I pump my wings and rejoice in my power and the fresh sea air beneath my wings. We fly over the ocean and over boats and over land. We fly over cities and cars and houses. We fly and fly until we reach home. All too soon we must land and release the terrified humans onto the ground. I feel my self returning to my body. I try to stay but no matter how hard I try I must leave.

I turn to Jade.

“ I must leave you now, but I will return when I can. Keep my memory and never forget I exist. Never tell yourself that I was a dream. Never forget.”

Then she turns and flies back to the sea, her home.

As I watch her I think over what this experience will leave me with. I know that we will probably never know all of the species of animals, especially the intelligent ones, because they’re smart enough to avoid us and I know that, no matter what the common belief is, “mythical” creatures (at least some of them) DO exist.

Liked it
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