The continuing tales of a young noblewoman leaning how the world around her truly works. At breakfast with the Baron and her future husband, Lady Marie is introduced to her fiancee.

Lady Marie entered the dining hall. Her father, the Baron Luscious stood to welcome her, beside him sat his wife and a finely dressed foreign nobleman with curly brown hair.

“Welcome my daughter, please sit and meet the Sir Art’ur, Knight of the North Star, Lord of black bear vale” The finely dressed man stood to bow. Coming up from his bow their eyes meet. Lady Marie stopped walking and stared as lost memories came flooding back to her. Suddenly she recognized the man standing before her, he was her shining knight. The stranger from the other day that had captured her curiosity so entirely that their first rendezvous had been lost to her until now. A subtle smile crept over her face as she curtsied her husband to be.

“I pray your time in our humble hamlet has been a pleasing one.” Marie tried her hardest to stifle a giggle as she spoke.

“Thank you, yes. I have been meet with such splendid generosity. It will be my personal joy to aid and assist Dubast,” Sir Art’ur turned his attention to his host, Baron Luscious. “I am certain the guild would love to establish an outpost so close to Fomor territories. We Rings have often speculated what treasures have been lost in the ruins of the Red-grass plains.” Lady Marie sat between her father and Sir Art’ur. Bowing her head low, trying to keep a mix of embarrassment and excitement from her father.

“I have heard rumor of something hidden beneath the plains to our West, but alas -” The Baron tossed a quick demeaning glance to his honor guard posted throughout the dinning hall. “I have yet to host a warrior of stout enough spirit to brave the borderlands that safeguard us from those foul barbarians.”

Art’ur raised a glass in salute. “My good Baron, fault not the able men of your barony.” The strong men the baron had singled out nodded, accepting the Knights praise. “I have seen the dangers that lie beyond the borderlands, Fomor are not the only challenge to bravery. In the wee hours of the night, when my guild brothers tell drunken tale of their wildest adventures I have heard whisper of drakes the colors of the hearth and as large as a cottage, sights that would turn any normal mans hairs white.”

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