The continuing tales of a young noblewoman leaning how the world around her truly works. At breakfast with the Baron and her future husband, Lady Marie is introduced to her fiancee.

The baron let out a hearty chuckle while slapping both hands upon the table before him. “Well, Sir knight I can already see that you will be a fine addition to this family aw well as this territory. After the morning’s meal we should go on a hunt!”

The man-servant that stood behind the baron leaned in and whispered into his ear.

“Quite right Mihai, the hunt will have to wait for another time. We have to prepare for Sir Art’ur and Marie’s wedding -tomorrow.”

Lady Marie dropped her wine flute on the ground. It landed with an uncharacteristic chime that silenced the whole room. The silence was quickly followed with the hissing of whispers as the whole court began to buzz with rumor. One of the hand maidens behind the lady helped her up and ushered her our of the dinning hall.

“I am sorry my baron, good sir and to all others this morning. It appears as if her lady is not feeling well and will retire early to prepare for tomorrows joyous festivities.” Celest l politely curtsied and followed lady Marie and the other attendants out of the room.

“Give my lady my best wishes for a speedy recovery.” The knight said just as Celest ducked out after Marie. “Well baron, it seems we have gotten off to an exciting beginning. Maybe we could discus what is customary during tomorrows proceedings so I don’t cause milady any further distress.”

“Oh yes, you are a Beorian, are you not?” The baron asked.

“Yes, I hail from the northern most territories, along the edge of the Valrossverg clan of Dwarves and the Ice shard plains.”

“Mihai tells me that you have a custom of high chairs?”

“Yes, I would like to uphold a few other traditions as well.”

“I’m told you stand strong with the old gods?” Luscious asked.

“Manenek and Lek to be specific. My father would be honored greatly if the proceedings were six nights long. A fitting homage to the goddess of the night sky. This would also give enough time for my family to participate.” The barons eyes lit up with the prospects of having this knights wealthy family in his barony. This event will be one which the king’s court will whisper about for years to come.

“When can we expect your wedding party?” the baron asked.

“They should be three nights behind me.”

“Wonderful. Tomorrow we will have a small wedding with a priest of Rah and in two nights time we can begin the night ceremonies when your priestess of Lek arrives.”

“That sounds fitting. I am sure this union will bring prosperity and fortune to the King as well as yourself, baron.”

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