This is a true story about the ghosts that visited the Author on April Fools Morning.

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The April Fools Day Ghosts:

You expect that the time of the year for ghosts is Halloween, but these ghosts came to visit on April Fools Day. Cap Lewis lived in the period of the Civil War during which he sailed under Letters of Marque signed personally by Abraham Lincoln. In other he was a legal pirate for the Union, or if you prefer a Privateer.

Before the Civil War however he had a different profession as a slaver smuggling slaves into the United States from Africa when this was illegal and was considered an act of piracy. One of his contemporaries was the last man hanged for piracy in New York just before the Civil War.

During the time he sailed for the Union under Letters of Marque he devoted his time to the South Pacific like he expected to capture Confederate ships in those seas. He really devoted himself to the “Blackbird” trade that in effect was capturing the Melanesian natives and selling them into bondage in Northern Australia to work in the sugar cane fields for Australian planters.

Once the war was over, he sailed to Bermuda where he sold his ship, the Emma for two coalhods of English Gold Sovereigns. Then after returning to America he put the life at sea behind him, and settled in a house that later was owned by the author. The house itself was already ancient by the time Cap bought the place. As near as we can determine this house was built in 1772, before the Revolution.

As an old man Cap used to sit on the front porch and play with his gold coins. My father who was a small boy who lived just up the street at the time remembers seeing him do this many times when he passed the house in good weather. There would sit Cap playing, “Stack them up, and knock them down.”

Cap died on April 1, 1902, but both him and his crew remained restless!

It was about quarter to five in the morning when I was suddenly aroused by a funny greenish-yellow light that was coming from a stair landing outside my bedroom door. Today was April Fools Day, April 1, 1979.

What happened next wasn’t a case of sleep paralysis, nor a nightmare as I was totally awake, and able to move about in the bed normally. What manifested itself before my eyes wasn’t anything that was normal in fact if anything it was paranormal.

Cap stayed on the landing of the stairs, and ushered one at a time sixteen spirits who were dressed an mid-nineteenth century seamen. As each of these specters passed through the door they walked across the foot of my bed, and up alongside me saluting and smiling as they passed. These specters then vanished as they passed through the door at the head of my bed. The whole performance lasted about ten minutes.

During this performance I didn’t know whether I should duck under the covers, or keep watching the goings on. It was so interesting to watch I stayed above the covers. Each one of the specters was dressed differently, some were wearing slickers to protect them from foul weather, a couple had on boots. Cap never came into the room himself, it was the room he had died in, and I was sleeping in the same bed.

The next morning as soon as it was open I was in the Town Clerk’s Office too see what was on file concerning Cap’s death certificate. I discovered that he died at the same time that the apparitions were parading through my bedroom one at a time.

To this day, more then thirty years later I am still at a lose as to what happened on that April Fools Day morning. One other time just as I was selling the house they returned. If anyone knows what I saw, would they please tell me?

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Image via Wikipedia

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