Gaspésie Rocher Percé.

You probably know a thousand and one stories about the beautiful Gaspésie Rocher Percé. I tell you that the beautiful Blanche de Beaumont and the Knights of Nérac. That was the time when Canada was still in France.

Blanche de Beaumont lived in Normandy, in an old castle. It was a beautiful young girl of just sixteen. She was betrothed to the knight Raymond Nérac of which she was very loving.

On the orders of the king, the knight Nérac had to go to New France to combat the fierce Iroquois. Goodbye sweet life in France, the pleasures of the court and the beautiful and lovely girlfriend of Normandy.

Once in New France, the Chevalier de Nérac was not an easy life. He had to fight the Iroquois and face our tough winters while commanding men who were not obedient. He was eating boredom and love for his fiancée who haunted.

Meanwhile, Blanche de Beaumont is also morfondait while awaiting her beloved. It took one day the decision to join her fiancé in New France and marry her. Blanche de Beaumont therefore sailed for New France with his brother that the king had requested to the service in its colony.

In mid-October, the ship came up to the coast of Newfoundland. Suddenly the lookout reported a vessel to port, and we soon had to recognize a pirate ship. The captain ordered all men to bring their weapons and assigned to each position in anticipation of the collision. It was horror! The French offered fierce resistance, but the pirates, more and better-armed seized the vessel and its contents. They made several prisoners, including Blanche de Beaumont that locked in a cabin.

When the pirate captain saw the girl, he decided that it should belong to him. But instead of the abuse, as was often his custom, he wanted to make his wife, the owner of the vessel and the mother of his children. Children that would be of noble blood.

But it was not to the determination of Blanche de Beaumont.
It, accepted the proposal of the master, but at the time of celebration, when we least expect it, she turned around, started to run and threw himself into the water before anyone could not intervene. She disappeared into the depths of the sea

Thereafter, the ship slipped into a thick fog. The next day when the sun had managed to dispel the haze, the crew saw a huge mass: it was the Rocher Percé. This imposing rock, seemingly floating near the shore as a ship anchor, gave off a mysterious and ruthless threat. The pirates, frozen terror, distinguished at the top a sort of veiled appearance in which they believed recognize Blanche Beaumont. Then suddenly, the appearance lowered his hands to the vessel in a gesture of curse and the latter, with all its occupants, was turned into a rock which we found still remains today.

The Chevalier de Nérac, he died shortly afterwards in the hands of the Iroquois.

It seems that at times when the Rocher Percé is shrouded in fog, sometimes thought of Blanche glimpse Beaumont in search of his lost love ..

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