The legend of the four dragon kings retold by me. It is about the four rivers of China.

Long ago, in China, rainfall was sparse and the only source of water was the Eastern Sea. In that sea lived four Chinese Dragon Kings; the Black Dragon, The Long Dragon, The Pearl Dragon and the Yellow Dragon. These four dragons, as well as everything else on Earth, were under the rule of the Jade Emperor or the Father Heaven. The emperor lived high above the clouds and looked upon everything that happened on Earth.

One day, one of the dragons rose out of the Eastern Sea and saw that the people in China were all very thin because there was no rain water to grow crops. He let the other dragons know about this and they were very concerned so they decided to ask the Jade Emperor to give rain to the Chinese people. When they went to ask the Emperor, the Emperor was listening to music and didn’t like to be disturbed. The Emperor gave them an empty yes and the dragons were satisfied.

Two weeks have gone by and there was still no rain. The Emperor didn’t care at all about this problem. They decided they would have to disobey the Emperor and help the people on their own. They had an idea of scooping water from their sea and sprinkling it on China to make it look like rain. When the people finally saw rain, their faces filled with joy and fields filled with crops. The people of China were healthy again.

But the story doesn’t end here. The God of the sea had been watching this all along. He reported it to the Emperor and the Emperor was outraged! He summoned the Mountain God to fetch 4 mountains and pressed them on top of each dragon in a different part of China. But the four Dragons still wanted to help the people. So they transformed themselves into the first rivers to flow in China. The Black Dragon became the Heilong Jian in the far North; the Yellow Dragon became the Huang He or Yellow River, in the North; the Long Dragon became the Chang Jiang or Yangtze, in the centre; and the Pearl Dragon became the Pearl River, or the Zhu Jiang. And to this day, if you look on a map of China, you can see that these 4 rivers are still flowing.

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  • allie on May 24, 2012

    <3 This… who wrote it, do you mind if i print it out and show my class? Thanks!

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