People said no one is vanishing without a trace yet strange vanishing occurs. What is going on? A village full of people became a ghost town. A man vanished in a moving bus. A troop of soldier disappeared within a low cloud. A boy vanished in the middle of the field.

In November 1930, a fur trapper named Labelle arrived at a fishing settlement in Lake Anjikuni in Northern Canada. He was welcomed by silence which was baffled him because he knew the settlement was a thriving community. However, the villagers of 2000 men, women and children were gone without a trace. He sensed something was unusual and made a telegraph to the Royal Mounted Police. The authority arrived hours later and begun the search.

To their surprise, they found no shoe prints on the snow and a pot of blackened stew still cooked on the fire. Their belonging and food supply were stored inside their huts but the village was deserted.

The police then found their sled dogs were buried under 12 feet inside the ice and apparently they were starved to death. And the most shocking discovery was the Eskimos’ ancestral grave had been dug up and the remains were disappeared.

The Bennington Triangle

An ex-soldier Mr. Tetford went missing on a moving bus. His belonging was found in the bus, at his seat but he was simply vanished without a trace.14 passengers claimed they seen him sleeping on the seat. However, he was missing when the bus reached destination. He was never found.

Disappeared in the middle of the field

A boy was practicing football with his classmates and teacher. He kicked and the ball went into the net and he celebrated happily. He ran toward the net and vanished suddenly. His teacher and classmates were baffled by his disappearance. They searched everywhere but no one see him since.

The Disappearance of an entire battalion

In 1915 during the Gallipoli War, a troop of English soldier reached the hill of Suvla Bay, Turkey. They climbed up the hill where a low cloud was blanketed the sky, Minutes later, the cloud lifted up and the soldier were missing. Another troop went to search for them, but they simply went vanished with the cloud, leaving behind no bodies, weapons or their belonging.

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