I have got 10 interesting subjects which girls would love to hear on their date and especially when you want to impress her!

   1. Girls love to talk about themselves and you get bonus points for being a great listener who is interested.

  2.The girl likes music?She loves painting? come on she would defenitely like something or the other just find out and talk about it. it makes them feel warm.

  3.Music is actually a good topic.

  4.A little bit of gossip[never go overboard]

  5.Here’s something which I love too…’Ask her whether she has been in love anytym’..This should work!

 6.Do not go for boring topics like current affairs,the weather and all , just try something new…like, PARANORMAL?


 7.This is the perfect one.i know most of you wouldn’t try this…..’Try to speak truth,she’ll like it when you speak about your personal things’

 8.Girls are sensitive so speak something which matches their attitude,she likes sports? Go on with it,ask whats her favourite game.

 9.Movies !! they are really awesome to talk about

 10 Lastly its my advice … ‘DO NOT SPEAK ABOUT HER MAKE UP AND ALL THAT STUFF, If you want to speak about it only compliments and nothing else!!’

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