Friends can be sucvh jerks, this proves it.


                               Signs your friends are using you or hate you.

1: They always come to you for advice, and afterwards ignore you.

2: They always try to act like they care, but then they just cast your thoughts aside.

3: They always want you to do things for them

4: They always tell your secrets to people even though they promise they won’t

5: They always talk about you then when you walk in the room, all goes silent and the pretending begins again

6: They always leave when you are trying to tell them something important.

7: They always laugh at your expense then pretend they weren’t

8: They ignore you.

9: They mention how they wished you were different

10: You always know they are lying when they say they respect you.

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  • EMVY548 on Nov 30, 2009


  • louise labudde on Nov 30, 2009

    haha thanks i thought so

  • Kip Spleen on Dec 6, 2009

    The last line is definitely the most sincere. try to craft the other lines more like that if you can, even if just one other gets to that depth of character it will make the whole poem resonate with that sincerity.

    Another thing- steer away from top tens. The best list poems are those that are spontaneous. Several of these seem slightly forced or repetitive, try cutting it down to a list of six, and consolidate as much as you can into each line. Be random, yet be concise.

    I just thought I would give you some pointers like you asked for in your message. Hope these were helpful.


  • louise labudde on Dec 6, 2009

    y thanks Kris, I really appreciate your input. I agree i think some things were a little forced. I was a little upset writing this though so that may be the reason. If you could comment on some of my other work as well, it would be greatly appreciated

  • simplyoj on Dec 21, 2009

    If a friend is like the above things, better to weigh if this person is worth of your attention or just move on and focus to others.

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