Do you want to get rid of a million dollars fast? Do you want to know what you can do or buy with a million dollars? Well read this article to find out.

  1. You might want to put it all in the bank. Maybe you might want to put some in the bank and keep some with you or to yourself so you can spent it.
  2. You could invest on it so you could make more money with all the money you have.
  3. You can put some in stock or some kind of fund towards a company so you can get more out of the million you already have.
  4. Think big, you have a million dollars to spend on whatever you want. Anything you have ever dreamed of.
  5. With money you can win a girl so go get some nice cloths.
  6. Get a nice hair cut that you have to pay too much just because of the place you got it at.
  7. Impress people try and buy a big yacht or a nice speed boat.
  8. Start playing golf rich people play golf.
  9. Everyone loves to fly in a plane. Buy or finace a plane for you and three friends.
  10. For some people, well give it all to charity.
  11. Upgrade your wife, I mean she can always look better. ALWAYS. Get her a makeover.
  12. Ahh. Dont forget vacations. You have a million dollars you can go anywhere in the world and get treated like a king.
  13. You can take the best fitness classes to look good. Everyone loves a fit rich guy.
  14. You can even get the legends of guitar to teach you how to play.
  15. Limo rides through town in a Hummer limo sounds nice to me.
  16. Maybe if you like rollarcoasters you can rent a park for the day.
  17. You can stay in the nicest hotels a suites anywhere. Like Las Vegas you can go there and literally be a king with a million dollars.
  18. You can have an unlimited amount of coke cola or pepsi.
  19. You can buy the coolest and most exotic pets known to man.
  20. If you are in serious debt im pretty sure a million dollars would help alot.
  21. Well why not give some to your parents they are the ones who got you here. Without them you would have the million dollars.
  22. Make your house nicer. You always want to have the nicest and biggest house on the block.
  23. If you can afford even with a million dollars, buy an island and build a house on it.
  24. Go back to college or if you have never been there then go to college.
  25. Well if you have it all in one hundred dollar bills you can get in a room and throw them up in the air and scream, “Im rich”.

Just remember this is a once in a lifetime chance so just have fun with it.

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  • Richard Yu on Oct 12, 2008

    A little mess up in the beginning but i like it. haha its pretty good!

  • Dan the Man on Oct 12, 2008

    fix the beginning and it will be nice.

  • Amie on Oct 14, 2008

    I agree with the previous comments. Edit the beginning and it will be nice.

  • joystick7 on Nov 19, 2008

    Nice thought!

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