Happy ending..? It depends on how you deal with…

Life is full of uncertainties; we’ll never know when our time on earth is up till it’s over! so, take many pictures, Laugh much… have a Long walk with someone…take time to look at the stars…eat Like there’s no tomorrow…sing loudly…feel the cold wind…smile a Lot…and Love Like you’ve never been hurt before..
These stories may help you realize the importance of other people in your life…by relating other experiences; you can be able to give yourself an awareness of every matters base on their situations.


There was a girl who was in love w/ her best friend, The guy didn’t know that his best friend have feelings for him.. The guy was hands0me & c0ol s0 he had l0ts of girlfriends..

Then the girl’s birthday comes…The guy gave her a letter…and whispers, please read before you sleep…

After the occasion the girl went to bed & read…

“Best, don’t hide your feelings coz what you feel is twice I felt…I l0ve y0u since before we go best friends, andI l0ve y0u m0re then u expect.” Ü


1 night, the girl said to his boy, “you know how much I love you, but I won’t deny the fact that you love someone else in your life right now. I always want you to be happy, and if she is the one, who can truly make you smile, be with her. I’m willing to sacrifice.”

The girl left crying.

The boy rush after her, held her hand, kissed her romantically and hugs her tight. Know what he said? “Thank You”


A ten year old kid asked me, “Have you ever been in love?”

I said, “ahmn, not really, coz I want to find someone who’s willing to love me ‘til my last breath.”

He smiled and said, “Could you wait for me?”

Haha! Paitah!


A girl had a cancer and she had only one month to live. She liked the boy working on the CD shop very much, but she didn’t tell him about it. Every day, she used to go on the CD shop and buy just to talk to him.

After a month, she died. The boy went to her house and asked about her. Her mother told him that she died already and took him to her room. There he saw all the CDs unopened, and then he cried. You know why?

He had kept his own love letter for the girl inside the CD pack. Because… He also love her.



Sa tindahan:

Guy: Miss, pabili nga ng 1 pack Marlboro menthol.

Miss: Sir, 35.00 po.

          (nag abot ng 100.00  ang guy)

Miss: Sir, may 5.00 po ba kayo?

Guy: Miss, alam mo para kang ex-GF ko, binigay ko na nga lahat ng meron ako, kulang pa din. Miss, ganun ka din ba?

          (Na gets ng tindira ang sinabi ng guy)

Miss: Sir, kaya lang naman po ako humingi ng konti pang dagdag para masuklian ko ng buong-buo ang binigay niyo…(Sabay ngiti)


There was a girl who was confined in the hospital for 3 months. Her BF was always there to take care of her.

One day, the guy was about to go home, he kissed her GF before he leave.

When he was on the elevator, biglang nag brownout. Tumulo ang luha niya…

Alam mo ba kung bakit siya naiyak? Kasi, kuryente nalang ang bumubuhay sa GF niya.


It was around 10 in the evening, the guy with his GF was driven a single motor in the dark road. He was driving so fast, when suddenly the girl told him, “Drive slowly”. The guy answered, “I will, in one condition. Kunin mo sa ulo ko ang helmet at isuot mo, tapos yakapin mo ako ng mahigpit.”

The girl did.

It was already in the morning when found a motor accident.

The guy died and his GF was rushed in the hospital.

(Nawalan pala ng preno ang motor pero hindi pinaalam ng guy sa GF niya.)




In all the fairy tales, the prince will fall in love with the princess and the prince will fight the witch and dragons to have his princess.

But nowadays, the prince would simply make the princess fall deeply in love with him and the princess would do all the fighting.

That’s the reason, why fairy tales only exist…once upon a time.


A butterfly was in love with a white rose. 1 day, the butterfly proposed to the rose. The white rose told butterfly that she will only love him by the time that she turns into red…

That time, the butterfly cut his body and spread his blood to the rose.

The rose turns into red and fell in love with the butterfly. But the butterfly was no longer alive.

 “Love sacrifices are sometimes useless” especially if that someone doesn’t know how to appreciate, they’ll come to realize important things when it’s already too late.


1 day, a guy and a girl decided to break up. Many were shocked for their relationship was so ideal. No one knows the reason why they are separated.

Years later, the girl was asked by her best friend’s daughter.

“Tita, did you ever have a boyfriend?”

She replied, “Yeah, we used to love each other so much, but we’ve decided to call it off”

Confused, the child asked again, “Why?”

Teary eyed, she replied, “So that, you may have someone to call “dad”.


BF and GF once played a game..

The girl will write the things she like the guy to change…

The guy will write the things she like the girl to change..

After one hour, they traded their work with one another… The guy started to cry while reading the  10 pages work of his GF…

Then his GF also started to cry because he only wrote..”There’s nothing I want to change in you because I accepted everything about you since the day i said, “I Love You

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