It is daunting!

Devil in the human is horror more it alone
One thing who you judge safe by you
A human if has devil in him
Butchered is humanity in cold terror blood

Devil its called but has no form
Human becomes it to birth it!
It’s the false hell Not curdling my blood
But it’s manifestation as said in old wives’ tales!

Devil is created in a portrait of human
By him or by his wounds gashed by some
Devil! It is a pitcher of water for a thirsty man
But consume all he might, sink he’ll in it.

Devil cares to visit in flesh unlike god
Well yes! Human made it in his image
God is the mighty force driving time ahead
Seeing the cosmos sees not human His visage

Fool’s logic is it to balance the evil?
That goodness is around in numbers
In pictures, in sounds, in non-living
So in the sky keep hope against devils?

What I fear is not this unsolved catechism
But seeing one of my own species
Devour his way towards my scent
Hunting not out of hunger but malice!

Why have I much soiled my tongue?
Speaking its name to you
In air, in beasts, in viruses of Madmen
It soils the world to be cleansed by you.
Made by few…cleansed by you!

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