Good morning everybody,

I am here on this bright beautiful morning,  to give all of you a lecture on friendship.

Something that everybody should know and take to  heart.

A real friend is somebody who likes you or loves you and he or she goes out of their way to do things for you. A real friend is there for you when you are happy and jovial or sad and down in the dumps. A real friend, is a shoulder to cry on, shares activity with you such as going to movies going swimming, have a night on the town, playing computer games and much, much more  or to just sit around and talk. 

It is very confusing in this nasty world we live in to see who your real friends are and who your real friends aren’t.   People out in this world,  who claim to be friends of yours but they  use you and hurt you and make you get into trouble in many ways. Often these ‘friends,’ are not your real friends. They are just people who are back stabbing, mean, manipulative, selfish and carries many other bad qualities as well. These people who claim to be your friend, are often insecure about them selves or mad at themselfves or are just plain selfish. In their minds, they have no idea what makes a friend.

It’s better to have just a few friends, who like or love you to death, than having heaps and stacks of friends that just use you, manipulate you and do you wrong.

It is up to you, to open your eyes and see who is a real friend, or somebody who claims to be your friend.

I once found this piece of information, that is a hard cold fact that I will share with all with you.

Fifty- percent in the real world like you for the right reasons. Fifty- percent like you for the wrong reasons.

I find that to be truthful and full of meaning.

It is up to you to decide who your real friends are that knows how to be a friend and likes you for who you are  or just a person who likes you for just  your good looks, your money, your style of clothing or your status.

Just think about it.

Have a great day everyone!

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  • Rohit19 on Jul 5, 2010

    Such an important thing it is in life: Friendship!

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