Now you must understand that I do not write this article to place myself in the limelight by no means, but rather to give you a internal thought that I have to release.

Let me begin by asking you, my readers first. What do you pull out of the quote in the title? What does your creative mind put together with the pieces for this puzzle? How do you put this title together to create a painting or a picture that brings understanding and clarity to your assumptions? How do you interpret this piece?

These words, this brief sentence very much so speaks in volumes, of that of my own life.

If someone stops a game in the middle of it is he/she still a loser, or is their really a winner at all?

This quote does not have to come off completely deep or what some might say a “food for thought” I guess its just in the positive perspective.

I have seen in myself,  many times I have set long term goals as well as short term goals(steps to reaching the long term goal). And have found myself to fall short numerous amounts of time, and these things can bring oneself to many things. things like frustration, aggravation, anger, hatred, bitterness, sadness, self pity, depression, but not one of these things have I found myself in.

Why? How?

I guess the only thing I can say is that before any of the above things can manifest themselves in my thoughts I always quickly find a new long term goal.

Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr

Before I take the time to pout, or to cry about a failure I quickly find a new goal or a new route to the same goal, or a whole new game entirely. I guess you can say its kind of like for example or for a scenario it is like  someone playing a game of chess and they are about to realize that they are going to loose, so before loosing he/she pulls out a checkers board and begins to play checkers.

Now did this player really loose the chess game or did he/she just find a new way to succeed, or to win against his/her composer, opponent, enemy?

Remember your opponent stays the same, but the game changes. So when in life, when choosing to make a goal or a dream, it is not the dream or goal that changes, but rather the game or route you take to fulfil that dream, that goal.

I have found many ways and the number is more than the sands of the sea, but I have found many ways not to reach a goal, but it will only take one to reach the dream. I am well on my way.

And to all of you may you all have a joyful and adventures time through this thing we call life and may we all find joy and peace from the roads we choose to finding our dreams.

And please remember folk that not everyone is evil or out to get us, thier is still people out there willing to help.

God Bless them.

William Ballard

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  • Judy Sheldon on Oct 3, 2009

    Thanks for a nice and uplifting piece.

  • William Ballard on Apr 27, 2011

    Thank you Judy for taking the time to stop by and read. God Bless you.

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