This is a sample of a self reflection paper for a college english class.

Self-Reflection Paper

In the beginning, I just typed. I would be given a task or a prompt for my English classes and I would just answer them. I would type on the computer until I had enough information to fill the pages that I needed and answered the prompt. The work I did was enough to attain a passing grade but it was not really writing. It was mediocre, it was basic, and it was crude. Since the beginning of English 101, I feel that my writing has improved immensely primarily with the introduction of critical thinking.  At the beginning of the semester we had to write a paper about if and why I was ready to write at a college level and I said I was because of my drive to succeed and my vocabulary. I now realize that I was not, but I am now. College writing is not about big words and long papers, it is about the content of the paper, it is about thinking critically.  Because of English 101, I am able to do this. I can read an essay and write a paper about it by not only talking about the essay but also the ideas involved in it. I can take an essay’s ideas and morph them into my own words and use them to bring up my own conversations. I use them to look at problems in my own life and society in general and think of ways to solve them. This can be seen throughout my writing so far during this year by looking at how my essays have evolved to accommodate a more sophisticated style of critical writing. In essay one, I looked at the ideas posed in Sarah Igo’s essay and wrote about my own opinions of a scripted belief in society.  I talked about how different video game systems are scrutinized for no reason. In my essays 2-4, I took the ideas of Kohn and Gatto and elaborated on them, first comparing their ideas and incorporating my own in essay 2, and then taking them along with the views of other authors and looking at why America feels the need to be productive by focusing on education. In essay 4, I elaborated on my own thoughts in essay 3 and looked at the history of grading and why it has such an impact in our society. I have learned much in English and I still hope to learn more, one problem that I still have is that my writing still feels and sounds too much like everyday speech to me. When I write, it sounds almost exactly like how I talk in my opinion, maybe this is a good thing but I always felt that writing should have a more serious tone and a higher degree of formality to it that everyday speech lacks. This is one thing that I feel that I need to work on a lot but as far as the content required for college writing, I now feel that I am truly ready to take on more advanced writing tasks and courses.

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