Angie Varona is likely to be caused by the ever-professional (except maybeyearbook images), but he has unwittingly become one of the most popular models of the Internet.

Four years ago, 14 years, Angie Varona took some sexy semi-nude pictures of themselves and posted them online for her then boyfriend. The password used to protect the tunnel has been infringed, photos leaked on the Internet and other horrible things happened there predictable.

Thursday Night Line profile Varona, now 18, and his cry of shots between the torment of the images has been leaked, and classmates, calling names, you could proudly display shows – and a nationwide TV audience – at least 20 photos ruined young adulthood.

Angie Varona is likely to be caused by the ever-professional (except maybeyearbook images), but he has unwittingly become one of the most popular models of the Internet. The problem is, Varona is only 17, and the masses of internet perverts have been trading in a candid photos of teens in Miami since he was 14 Varona says his life is ruined because of it. He has also received numerous threats, and his family had contacted the FBI.

You may remember the story of Kiki Cannibals, a South Florida teen who intentionally found fame as a queen MySpace to be “the most hated girl on the Internet.” Unlike cannibals, however Varona never taken offline in order to attract attention.

According to the story began Gawk Varona when she was 14 years and the pirates broke into her account Photobucket. There they found a cache of personal photos, Varona said she went to his girlfriend. Many were Varona is provocative in swimsuits and lingerie. Not the kind of image you want your teenage daughter to take. But in an age of sexting, camera phones and Facebook, it’s not an unusual activity among adolescents.

Images became a popular circles, who want to change the images barely dressed “Jailbait”, ie underage girls. It’s not exactly kiddy porn, but not entirely innocent. The men exchanged files on hundreds of images of Varona. Google image search on his name reveals more than 40 200 results. Unauthorized Facebook group has more than 24 000 likes.

Varona told his story this summer in Miami Montage, a publication created by students in journalism school in a summer program at the University of Miami.

“I had been informed of a close friend who had seen an ad in the porn site,” Varona told the site. “I spent all summer trying to shoot the pictures, but it was almost impossible to trace who hacked me. I felt like shit, knowing my life was going down the drain. “

While rumors ran through high school Varona had become a porn star, she was more concerned about the unwanted attention she received through the Internet.

“I started getting real bullies,” said Varona. “People from other states found my address and took pictures of my house. I was threatened with rape.”

Varona had to contact the FBI, and now homeschooled.

Varona problems did not disappear in three years since the problems started. A rumor posted earlier this year it was 18 years old, men and more traditional sites such as chives celebrated the occasion. The problem is, is still only 17th Varona

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