Yes, you. You who’s reading this. Do you read the news? Do you feel the odd dissonance brewing between what you’re being presented and how you feel inside? Are your gut instincts telling you that something is not right? Listen to your instincts but know this…

The forces, within humanity, that have striven to suppress and control the very fabric of the world around us always inevitably fail. They don’t fail because of guns or bullets or warfare. Those are products they generate. They always inevitably fail because, in their never-ending quest for power, they always sabotage themselves.

It’s an odd duality that exists in the universe between chaos and order. Too much of either creates a toxic environment and does not sustain life. Within the balance of this lies the totality of the conditions humans can survive within. Right now, our human world is struggling with changes that we never before in recorded history have encountered. The land is being polluted to the point it cannot harbor life and we are extricating valuable resources from the earth, its other species, and even our very selves, that inhibits our growth as an organism.

If you feel the dissonance when you turn on the news, or watch your fellow human beings raise the shutters to the world around them and plod, meaninglessly, as cogs do in a machine and feel, inately inside “this is not who I am. The totality of me is not this.” You are not alone. And you are not wrong.

This society we live in is quick to diagnose any deviation from its accepted script as “sick” or “wrong” or “silly” or “crazy”. Never before in the known recorded history of man have so many of us been subjugated through the use of chemicals and daily streaming propaganda. Our own state monitors our every move in the feable attempt to see which of us is dangerous and which of us follows orders without question.

We silently watch as entire populations willingly enslave themselves to welfare and social benefits as a release from their obligation to being willing cogs, but even in their impoverished lifestyle, they are still serving their power-hungry masters. It is not as simple as simply refusing to work or pay bills that brings about a stop to this insanity we are subjecting ourselves to.

Even while you read this, power-hungry men send your sons and daughters, your husbands and wives, your family members into harm’s way to fight for things you don’t even want. And when they return, injured or scarred either internally or externally, you are left baffled at the wounds and understand not why they cannot simply return back into normal queue lines and wait for food, water, and shelter like the rest of us. Because they have seen, though some are still too afraid to open their eyes.

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