This was the scene I get into when I was in the town..

Lately i was on a bus trying to pay a buck on a driver then suddenly some idle guy came by and run off my money towards off the road and he was accidentally hit by a rushing car few steps away from the bus.I coul’d see how this guy stumbled of the road while rolling him self beneath the sidewalk. I couldn’t imagine how was the accident really happened after seeing this poor guy suffered from the pain of his injury while he is unconciously awake. It was really awefull seeing a person lying on a sidewalk without any idea if he’s still breathing on a very complicated situation just like what i see in a movie scene but this time is real it hooks me up at first saw him. then suddenly

I see some people watching him lying while others are trying to help keeping his wounded leg bleeding. then a moment after, an ambulance came to assist the wounded man to the nearest hospital in town, A relief for me that time but i keep on thinkin how’s this guy situation after he arrived into hospital. which means for me to think if it is really my fault or it was he the one responsible for what he’s up into.’

that poor guy really struck me of with this unconditional experience which made me feel guilty in a whole day.

later after i went home it makes me think of why this guy steals instead of doing whats right or 

maybe this guy forced to stole because of poverty or maybe for his needs, then why would he do that?. 

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