An Earthquake is a natural calamity which can happen at any time and at any place.this essay is prefect for youngsters who are willing to write on this topic.

Who can forget what happened in the small hours of the 18 Th of September 2011 ?on the previous day i had gone to bed expecting tomorrow to be like the so many tomorrows that followed on 18 Th September,proved to be different and brought to a new and horrible experience.
i was suddenly shocked at 6pm by a strange experience which i did not understand at first.i was aware that the  main ingredient were a peculiar movement and peculiar sound. I was rocked  for few seconds in which i could identify the tinkling of pots,the rattling of windows,and certain muffled noise issuing from the earth.after a few minutes i realized to my horror, that it was a earthquake.
Siliguri experienced divesting earthquake on 18 Th of September,2011.the first tremors of it occured at 6.10 pm on the 18 Th and lasted for 19 was a pleasant time in the evening and the people were engrossed in their works,when the Earth starts shaking,everyone rushes out of the house and the people on the roads started rushing towards the was my first experience such a calamity that measured 6.9 on Richter scale.
I was in my room studying geography as tomorrow was my exam,when all of a sudden i was smashed by the shake.i looked up,the watch stated moving.i rushed out of my room with my book thrown on the table,without the fear of next day’s exam,i feared of death.we quickly ran of the houses.the damage caused by the earthquake was intensive.while the newer concrete walls survived,the older colonial structures collapsed.the smaller wall boundaries could not wit stand the shocks and broke down trapping people in debris.there were numerous cases of deaths.
The worst part of tragedy was the breakdown of communication was difficult to contact anybody.moreover,it had a telecast that another earthquake van take place in 24 hours.all were scared and the horror fear of death made them awake that night.
There are only a few times when you thank god heartily.the tremors caused no damage to siliguri.but at noon news came that the earthquake had played havoc in some parts taking away lives.all the houses of Sikkim had been razed on the ground and hundred of humans lost their lives.

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