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The thought of a park reminds me of the picture of the garden of Eden. To provide paradise on earth, the concept of a park must have arisen from there.A park must be a glorified form of a garden of yesteryear .

The city noises and its trappings make us crave for a getaway, to a scene different from the everyday monotony.Decades ago, a park used to be a clearing with some facilities. To catch up with the times the parks have donned a high tech appearance, limited to individuals who can afford the time and expenses.

The modern day parks whir with amusements; quite a contrast to the ones way back, where there used to be scope for us to explore the myriad plants , animals and invent our own ways and methods of entertaining ourselves.

Now all parks are mostly similar, in keeping with the demands of the present standards, for we want everything at a bite, with all the mouthwatering fast food sizzling and frying at the corners.

However parks today have become more organised, providing opportunities for rollicking trips from schools and  other places,

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They are an opportunity of employment for many.

Whatever, a park is always a park with loads of oxygen, rolling greens, blue skies and lots of fun and frolic.And the beeline of children and adults continues.

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  • chellsy on Feb 13, 2010

    good essay.good post

  • Ruby Hawk on Feb 13, 2010

    I love our parks.they have play grounds for children and walking trails for adults. They are wonderful.

  • VTech on Feb 13, 2010

    Nice One , Thanks For Sharing.

  • Jenilia12 on Feb 13, 2010

    Very well expressed,.

  • lillyrose on Feb 14, 2010

    Very well presented Wonder, your park sounds like a hit.

  • albert1jemi on Feb 14, 2010

    well written

  • qasimdharamsy on Feb 14, 2010

    this is a good one….

  • Aiyanna on Feb 14, 2010

    Well written!!! Thank you for the share :-)

  • Priyanka Bhowmick on Feb 14, 2010

    good share. parks are made too artificial these days. I don find the real nature in it…

  • Eunice Tan on Feb 15, 2010

    Wonderful essay.

  • Muhammad Sohaib Roomi on Feb 15, 2010

    Great Thought :)

  • sambhafusia on Feb 15, 2010

    nice share..interesting..thnx for sharing..

  • palak2008 on Feb 15, 2010

    Wonderful post…

  • Authoress Terry E. Lyle on Feb 15, 2010

    Great job as always!

  • T. S. GARP on Feb 16, 2010

    Good post!

  • alensmith on Feb 17, 2010

    nice and well said.thanks for sharing…really very useful for me

  • Mainak on Feb 18, 2010

    Thats nice.

  • CA Johnson on Feb 18, 2010

    This is really interesting. I love taking walks in the park.

  • alensmith on Feb 19, 2010

    thats nice

  • alensmith on Feb 19, 2010

    You deserve, your best of all post.thanks for sharing it to me.

  • Starpisces on Feb 19, 2010

    After reading this poem, I feel like going to the garden/park for a walk suddenly, but it’s 12am (midnight) now…

  • swatilohani on Feb 20, 2010

    this scoop is delicious friend

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