A list of Antarctica’s most mysterious places and other strange anomalies found within the continent.

Although more than 80% of the continent of Antarctica is still unexplored, the parts that have been studied have revealed a landmass with many strange anomalies and mysterious places.  There are many challenges that present problems for explorers when they visit Antarctica with the number one issue being the amount of ice that is lying on top of the actual landmass.   There are very few areas throughout the whole continent that the land is actually exposed and these are either right along the shoreline or high up in the mountains.  And then there is the number two issue and that is the extreme cold weather.  Explorers have to take extra precautions anytime they venture outdoors and wear multiple, multiple layers of clothing.  The temperature can be so severely cold that hypothermia and frostbite can actually set in within seconds of exposure. 

With only 20% of the continent of Antarctica having been explored, there are many areas that we really have no information on, but if it’s anything like the parts that have been explored, then we can expect many more strange anomalies and mysterious places to be found within the continent.  So, what are some of these anomalies and mysterious places?  Below is a list of some of the more popular ones.


Although the idea is mainly dismissed as nothing but a fairy tale today, there are still many people throughout the world that subscribe to the hollow Earth theory.  This theory basically states that a superior race of beings is living inside the Earth.  There are supposedly two entrances to this subterranean world, one being at the South Pole and another at the North Pole.  The pictures below are supposed to provide proof of one of these entrances (this one is at the South Pole).  Everything from UFO’S and time travel have been attributed to these beings who live in the hollow Earth.   



The Eltanin Antenna is the name given to a strange object that was photographed on the sea floor by an Antarctic research vessel named the USNS Eltanin in 1964.  Due to its upright position and its antenna like structure, the object was originally thought to be one of the following: an artifact from a lost ancient civilization or even an object left on Earth by Alien Beings.  During the 1980’s, several researchers examined the photos and concluded that the object was nothing more than a strange type of sponge called Cladorhiza concrescens.  This explanation is predominately what almost everybody believes concerning this piece although there are still some die-harders who insist that the item is artificial and not a sponge.  A picture of the object is displayed below:

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  • Snooky on Apr 16, 2011

    I enjoyed reading this post it ended too soon.

  • CAPsuleCOMputer on Apr 20, 2011

    Illuminati card “game” card > Hidden City..?!!


  • consciousGOD on Apr 23, 2011

    The dark area is liquid water heated by geothermal processes. Liquid water absorbs light, hence black. As the liquid water overflows, it cools to the point it freezes as indicated by the flow patterns in the ice. There is a smaller geothermal spring near this one.

  • Bill Will on Oct 29, 2011

    They Silenced Admiral Bird

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