A look at the behavior that you might be displaying as you try to win your ex back and why it can be perceived as "stalker" like!

A relationship break down is never a nice thing and this is more so the case when the other party breaks up with you. You may feel rejected and humiliated and as if it is the worst thing in the world which in some cases can make you behave in ways that are not always considered to be normal!

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when they are trying to get their ex back after a particularly nasty break up is to stalk them. This does not mean that they follow them around everywhere they go or turn up at their house all the time; it is more subtle than this. Things such as turning up at places where you know the ex is going to be and making a definite point of being in certain places that the two of you have been invited. Of course girls want their ex to see that they look fabulous and tend to do this while wearing their favorite outfits and nice hair and the same applies to men in some cases. Although wanting to make them jealous or regret their decision is a good way of getting them back, stalking them and their favorite haunts will just look weird and will have you marked as a “nutter” before you know it!

If you have mutual places that you both visit then by all means try to make them regret their decision here but do not go out of your way to go to places that you hated when you were together to make a point of your ex seeing you. This will not help you get your ex back at all!

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