Who are you more like?

I would have to say, that after reading the biographies of the two geniuses, that I’m more like Edison. Why am I more like Edison? Because of the fact that when I’m bored, I’m always trying to make random things, like take a potato and put two wires into them to see if I can make electricity, or if I can power up an electrical clock radio.

I was like Edison in his childhood years. I moved many times to various locations, like when I was 5 years old, I moved from Maple Road, Williamstown, to the 34 in Alexandria, down Scotia Bank road. When I turned 7, I had moved from there, to Lancaster Street, Green Valley. Every time I moved to a new location, I would always roam around trying to discover new and exciting things. Like when I moved to Green Valley, I roamed around the trails in my backyard and found a very old tub, and I’m pretty sure that it was at least 50 years old.

I’ve always wanted to open up a business, but it’s kind of hard when you have no one to back you up. But for now, I’ve wanted to work with my father at the new mouldings building in town. But the only time I’ll be able to get a job at the new mouldings building is when I turn 18. But like I said, I’m more like Edison for my creative thinking skills and trying to discover new things all the time.

So tell me then, who are you more like? Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein? If you want to, leave a comment on what you are at the bottom of the page… I’d love to read about your stories and why you’re the one you chose!

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