Thoughts on being 60 years old and broke.

Being 60 and Broke

What do you do when you are 60 and broke?

It will be but less than a week, when I shall be 60 years old.  Financially, I am broke, but I am positive.  I have a wonderful wife and great kids.  I am loved by family and friends.  My health is not so good, but I shall live on.

Where shall I go from here?  I am confused and distraught over the fact that I am broke, with little to show in terms of money.  Nevertheless, day-after-day I press onward, not knowing the future or what lies ahead. 

I am reluctant to take the risk and make the leap.  Do I have the faith of my youth to stand by me, if I fail to reach the other side?  Instilled within me is the burning desire to protect my family, but I fear that the time draws nigh.  Will I have time?

My mind jumps from one thought to the next, yet I struggle to focus on the talents, which I have.  They will lead me to overcome any difficulty, although I am 60 and broke.  Concentrate, despite the fact that the physical self is weak.

My body gives the impression to be beyond its years.  I tire easily, more than I should.  My energy is lacking and yet my spirit is quite the opposite.  Whatever happened to the supremacy of my childhood, as I consider that I am 60 and broke?

But wait, when I was young, I did not have the wisdom, or the intelligent resources, which I now have at 60.  Could I have pondered at the time that I am 60 and broke?  No, because perhaps it is all a myth in my mind that I am 60 and broke.

 This insight and this perception that comes with being 60 is not something that is handed freely for the asking.  It has to be learned through perseverance and conquering the dragons of the forest.  Knowledge is gained by virtue of thought and made into action.

I am in the position to share the explorations of days gone by because I am 60 and have seen much, even though I have much more to see.  Sharing is the key to lasting immortality.  Welcome to any and all, who will listen.

I am 60 and I am not broke!  I have a wealth of knowledge, which is unique.   There is a great deal to learn, in order to develop.  There is a considerable amount yet to be discovered and made known.

So, now is the time to broaden the faculties of being 60, sending forth encouragement, rather than distress.  Confidence in oneself is what distinguishes me.  Self assurance sets me apart, while declaring that being 60 brings forth a renewed conviction of the purpose of life.Where shall I go from here?  While the path is chosen, the outcome is yet to be fulfilled.  The vision is set, but the dream is not realized, until action is set in motion.

Don R. Pewtress

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  • vanessa on Sep 3, 2011

    This is such a great article because you sounded so amazingly positive in it. My father is approaching 63 and he is broke. I see his spirit declines by the day. I’m commited to do in my ability to help him as he has no one but me. I’m totally in awe with your spirit and i pray that you managed to achieve your goals and dreams as stated above. All the best for you.


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