Sounds more like wolf pack to me.

Funny They stand in front of a group of Conservatives and they talk bad about our president which I can live with OK 1st amendment rights; But as they do that throwing mud from the speaker of the house to high level Republicans in the house including a few that were trying to take the the presidency and quit congress to do that. An old saying comes to mind those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rock.There is a reason behind that old saying; If you throw a rock in a glass house your house will crumble just common sense right yeah. what they won’t tell you is while then president Bush gave tax breaks To the rich;He and his vice president were spending trillions on the two wars  dubious wars we were in take a guess who was in congress yes that right them the made a lot of the mistakes that lead to the bail out of the banks and the deficits we carry now with us. And they side with the billionaires and the oil companies like BP; And when the tea party gathered up did you notice that people like congressman Bachmann and  the speaker of the house John Boner and Rand Paul as well as others spoke to the groups yeah they did they yelled out socialism but they wouldn’t tell you is that they voted for the wars that they didn’t tell you and the tax break OH HELL NO won’t tell you that. That would hurt them if all of a sudden they became some thing like human instead of god gee.

Mr perry I know you love the 10th amendment and that’s good but there are 25 amendments to the Constitution it wouldn’t hurt you to learn the other 24 and what they are about too. If any of you have a problem reading it then go to the library and ask the Liberian to explain the things you no know or understand no question is a bad question if you learn some thing OK THE ballot box sir.

Speaker whose name I did not get 2 – Justice for Mulrunji Rally at Queens Park and March through Brisbane City, Australia, November 18 2006 (Photo credit: David Jackmanson)


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