The Causes of Globalisation.

Causes of Globalisation

Globalisation is the growth to a global or worldwide scale. Globalisation is extremely beneficial for everyone as it gives consumers cheap prices and people all over the world have access to a lot of things. The bad things about this are that criminals or people with a bad intent can also access these things. Illegal things are also now available all over the world and available to nearly everybody.  E.g  It’s simple to download Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate worth $625 for free on the internet, I’ve done it myself

There are many causes of globalisation such as Technology, Availability of cheap goods/services, Big companies expanding their territory ( i.e TNCs), Economies , Profit and others. What would happen if you put leaders of powerful nations together? They would either fight each other and claim their territory or work together to make global peace & make more revenue, and that’s happened in real life. But not everyone is profiting from globalisation.

Computers and TVs are major developments. Instead of driving to the local post office and sending a bill, we can just pay a bill online in a few clicks. We can watch things from overseas such as Sports and news from other countries, benefiting everyone. To contact someone overseas when the internet didn’t exist, people had to write letters that took months to deliver or pay $12 for a 1 minute phone call. In modern times, free internet services such as MSN and Skype can let people talk to each other for free. Or if you don’t have internet connection, just make a 50 cent call to your relatives in China.

These are big companies who have stretched their territories to other countries such as Nike and Starbucks. TNCs are good and bad, it provides cheap goods/services and gives more jobs but the jobs are usually in harsh conditions and have terrible pay as well as pollution problems. Small businesses such as a convenience store are losing their businesses due to TNCs. E.g Starbucks’ tactic is too open a few starbucks in a small area and to make other coffee shops bankrupt/go out of business.

Increase in Revenue
When different countries work together to make more money, it’s a win-win ratio. Such as import/export, displaying overseas programs on TV, trade etc. World exports rose from 8.5% in 1970, to 16.2% of total gross world product in 2001.

The Good:
- It is extremely beneficially for many countries
– It has been the most successful prosperity and anti-poverty movement in modern history
– Technology is advancing
– Big TNCs such as Nike & Adidas make huge profits
– More jobs 
– Consumers get lower prices
– Easy to access goods/services
The Bad:
- Non-TNC and small businesses are losing profit because of all the powerful TNCs moving in

- The jobs provided have terrible pay
– Big TNC companies tend to make a lot of pollution
– Fast food chains are making people fatter all over the world
– Richer countries are losing employment as employers prefer to go to poorer countries with lower standards
– Criminals can access illegal things
– Actually, ANYONE can access illegal things.
– Overseas diseases can cause pandemics in others

Globalisation is happening and there’s not much we can do about it. To most of us people who can afford a bed and a roof to live under, it’s a good thing because we can just pay a few hundred dollars for a TV but have no idea how to make one. But to other’s in poorer countries, hard labor for little pay and exploitation is horrible.

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