Chocolate Girl Moment.

I am mad at you, girlfriend.

You chased them. You lusted for them. You gave them you..

You obsorb those unfamiliar spirits into your own countless times. With this method of searching for the rainbow that you were promised, you find yourself in a dark and lonely cave.

We wanted to save you from it but those spirits paint an idea of the rainbow on walls of this darkness and you seem like you were satisfied. Satisfied with simply that, an idea. 

Why are you crying?

That spirit and the ones before that never told you that you had reached your rainbow.

You sacrafice your world to build up another, in hopes that the favor will be returned.

Eventually, that idea moves on to a new idea and you are left with spiritual leftovers and empty paint cans.

What are these tears really about?

Do you see the rainbow yet?

Do you really want to see it or can these ideas satisfy you another 3 decades.

The possible inside the impossible makes this cave darker for even you to enter.

Learn what the rainbow really is. It just may find you.

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