Mother Teresa, the angel of love, should have been hundred had she lived this year August. She found God in the distressing guise of the poor. She also called the attention of the world to pay heed to the millions suffering from the hunger of love.

Mother Teresa, as she is fondly addressed by the whole world, exposed the poorest condition of the whole world, dying of hunger not only physical but mainly of hunger of true love. She said, “Today the main problem of the world is not the hunger for food for the stomach but the hunger of the spirit, its hunger for love.” Today, millions are craving for love and all the problems squeezing the world today start from its hunger for love.

A dove of love

Born at Skopje, Macedonia, on August 26, 1910, little Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu fostered her love for others even from her childhood days. This fire of love dragged her to the cloisters of religious life to serve for others when she was eighteen years old. She was very particular about serving in the missions and so this dove of love flew to India. Beginning her service as a teacher in a convent school, her mind was always thinking of what she could do to the suffering people. Though Sister Teresa was doing charity works now and then during her teaching service, she was not at all satisfied.

Into the gutters in search of love

Sister Teresa strongly felt the call to serve the suffering. She got the permission of her superiors and got out of the convent compound to start a new ministry which her inner conscience was insisting. She went into the streets of Calcutta (now Kolkata) in search of poor, widowed, orphaned, and helpless sick. She founded the Missionaries of Charity in October 1950.

Service all over the world

Mother Teresa’s organization to serve the poor and afflicted grew by and large into a huge multinational organization that had taken roots in 123 countries by the time she died in 1997. this included leprosy centers in Asia and Africa; hospitals for AIDS patients in India and North America; and orphanages, homes for the aged and destitute, feeding centers and soup kitchens all over the world. Her drug de-addiction centers have become comfort for thousands of families. Everything Mother Teresa had built from scratches without a single penny in her hand.

Finding God in every person

Mother Teresa saw in every person the image of God. Whether it was taking care of an abandoned infant on a Kolkata street, or a homeless destitute sleeping on a cold wintry night in a cardboard box under London’s Waterloo Bridge, or the poor and hungry standing in queues in a Bangladesh home, awaiting their only hot meal from her charity organization, all this could become possible only out of Mother Teresa’s deepest conviction that she was witnessing God through them.

From gutters towards sainthood

Mother Teresa is already a saint in millions of hearts. Her clarion call to the world is still beckoning each and every human heart to pay heed to the craving cry for love. “The poor are the hope of mankind. In alleviating their material poverty we would find the cure for our own spiritual poverty.” 

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