Chinese Cinderella
Novel by Adeline Yen Mah
Chapter 11 PLT Passage Analysis
No. two Character Analysis
English Year eight.

Chinese Cinderella Passage


Chapter 11 – PLT No. 2 Character Analysis

Chapter 11 of ‘Chinese Cinderella’ reveals new characters, such as Mr and Mrs Huang, and delves deeper into the main characters.

By receiving a pet duckling from the Huang’s, who knew of Adeline’s father’s first marriage, Adeline learns many things as well as maturing in various aspects of life. Adeline cares, loves and protects her first pet, Precious Little Treasure. At school, Adeline proudly and excitedly describes her duckling to her classmates, feeling a warm, tender glow spreading through her. A strong-willed Adeline doesn’t back down when Second Brother hits her and accuses her of favouring her duck over his. Instead, she digs up another worm later on to give PLT.

Wu Chun-mei, Adeline’s comical best friend at school, abbreviates Precious Little Tressure to PLT. Adeline trusts Wu Chun-mei and looks up to her. For example, asking Wu Chun-mei if ‘“ducklings can learn to quack in the Shanghai dialect?”’

Talking to PLT, Adeline reveals that ‘Aunt Baba and PLT are the only ones who are always there for her, the only people who understands her’. Aunt Baba is closest to and cares the most about Adeline. Whilst trying to find a worm for PLT (as mentioned before), Adeline is bitten by Jackie. Aunt Baba is the only one who comforts and helps Adeline forget the pain of her wrist.

Sadly, PLT dies later on in the chapter when she is used as an experiment to see how Jackie is doing in his ‘obedience’ lessons. The next morning, Aunt Baba arranges an impromptu funeral for PLT whilst Jackie and Adeline’s Father are out. Third Brother is the only other attendant at the funeral, comforting Adeline during a down time. Through this event, the two siblings bonded closer than before.

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