Let comments be truly made, let not our anger be displayed, let them even be delayed, let codes of ethics be obeyed, let none feel dismayed, let the truth be conveyed.

Commenting is a wonderful act
Based upon every gathered fact

It must be very carefully done
Causing to the writer no burden

If comments can finely inspire
Enthusiasm will never expire

Comments must help develop
Negative comments, give up

We have no right to hurt
By throwing filth and dirt

Instead of causing in mind riot
We can safely keep quiet

Just like that if we comment
We may not improve talent

Mutual benefits must flow
This by true reading we know

In case an article is confusing
To comment if we are refusing

We do a really noble service
As to comment we cease

Any comment in a confused state
Will not create a congenial climate

Comments must be apt and proper
All must enjoy it saying “super”

What is the use of getting glee
By telling a man that he is ugly?

Comments if are very cautiously made
It is as if one had devotedly prayed

Comments must be forever cherished
This is possible if one has well-wished

To the core, please be true
Giving kindly the best view

Trifle comment for just participating
May do the job of sadly irritating

A sincerely made wise comment
Will do healing as it can cement

My dear, comment with kindness
As kindness is superior to holiness

Excellent comments give wisdom
No comments, if write gives boredom.


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  • BruceW on Oct 24, 2010

    My own gripe is people who leave a meaningless comment like “nice share” and here is my own attempt to put that into verse:

  • lapasan on Oct 24, 2010

    Nice post!

  • wonder on Oct 25, 2010

    Writers need comments to grow
    Nourish them speed their flow.
    lovely poem by you

  • lillyrose on Dec 10, 2010

    Very good points made here! and you are not on your own. I know many people haven’t got a lot of time to comment and write so they do just use simple phrases to let you know they have been and that is okay, thats their choice but there is no need for nasty remarks, if they can’t say something nice they shouldn’t say anything at all!

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