Making a comparison between own personal code of ethics and the code of ethics that a private investigator follows.

Through a great deal of soul-searching, I have developed a set of rules that will be known as my own personal code of ethics. I will refer back to this document throughout the rest of my lifetime to ensure its relevance and value, as well as to make any necessary modifications.

In consideration of my own personal beliefs and my personal commitment in being the best person I can possibly be, I submit the following statements as my guiding practice:

  1. I will conduct myself as an ethical person in my private life
  2. I will offer to others that ask the insight of my combined knowledge and skills in a manner that is offered and received without prejudice, judgment, or predetermined notions of any learner’s ability, disability, religious beliefs, learning style, age, socioeconomic status, social or professional standing, gender, race, and ethnicity
  3. I willrefrain from any and all activities which may be construed as unethical, or which may violate written and unwritten codes of personal conduct, rules, and regulations.
  4. I will continue in my development of a higher education to ensure my place in society as a productive citizen to my community
  5. I will promote ethical thinking and living among those whose paths I encounter in all walks of life, by conducting myself in such a manner as to set the example.
  6. I willin good faith respectfully negotiate with administrators, policy-makers, legislators and others involved in creating rules, codes, laws, expenditures, environments, programs and policies that affect my community, my town, my state, and my country.
  7. I will actively request feedback, good or bad, from my peers, friends, family members, and others on whom my actions may bear consequences in regard to my moral, value and ethical beliefs and practices, and I will hold myself accountable for all my actions
  8. I will remain conscious that I represent a profession that is the foundation for human life, according to my philosophical beliefs, and I will conduct all my affairs in such a manner that will remain true to my morals and values as a person.
  9. I will, with great care, consideration, and dedication to my values and morals, conduct resolutions to problematic situations and ethical dilemmas, always considering the consequences of my actions in regard to all my dealings and those who may be affected.
  10. I will review my personal code of ethics periodically, and reflect on my private life, and strive to make improvements wherever and whenever necessary to the benefit of mankind

The following is the ethics that a Private Investigator should follow according to David Marks:

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