Chocolate Girl moments – Missing the missing.

I cried for you today.

Not sure how it began or how long it lasted. But it did.

I remember it was all for you.

Looking at the liquid eyeliner stains on my pillow, I try to wipe it off as to erase the feeling.

I wish I could erase it. Wait……

I don’t want to erase the memory of you so I continue to look at the liquid stains followed by a new shower of tears for my pillow.

Your hand softly touches my right shoulder.

Unexpected but consoling. My tears fading like the memory of what ignited this emotional storm.

I know that you want to take the pain way. I know that you can’t take the pain away.

But I can feel the warmth of believing that tomorrow will be a better day. People say, “The pain that you have been feeling the past nine years will fade with time.”

I keep hearing that for nine years.

This pain feels the same as it did the first time you had to go.

But I remember that touch on my right shoulder.

And then you were gone again.

Chocolate girl in the corner misses you.

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