Marriage rite in some African Tribes.

Africa as a continent houses different people with different norms, cultures’ and belief .There way of life is been influenced by the society they found themselves. Marriage is considered an important institution in the life of Africans. Someone who refuse to marry or yet to marry is considered irresponsible and his denied some activities in the society. For example the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria in the West Africa refuses a man who is yet to marry a traditional post.



Before the colonial era in Nigeria, parents find suitable spouse and bride respectively for there children even against the will of the guy or lady, they believe that there children is still under there control and they count is as a must that a parent find partner for there children even before he was born and this result in unhappy marriage, it might have led to divorce but divorce is considered as a taboo.

In the modern days, a guy looks out for a suitable lady, when he finds his choice, he look for someone to serve as an intermediary between him and the lady he wishes to marry. The intermediary may be a friend to the guy or the lady but not a parent to the both. The intermediary will be the one to propose or convince the lady about the guy’s proposal, if eventually the lady accept to marry the guy, the parent of both lovers would be informed and a day will be chosen for the introduction ceremony. Prior the ceremony parent of both lovers would do research to find out if there child has taken the right choice. They go to the extent of tracing the family trait to ascertain that the family is not suffering from any disease. On the introduction day,the family of the husband to be,seek request from the family of the wife to be, when the request is granted both family decide on when to celebrate the wedding ceremony. In preparation for the wedding ceremony, the brides family prepares a marriage list which is to be given by the groom’s family to the bride ,this list is different from the dowry which is later decided by the bride herself. The wedding ceremony takes placein the bride’s house and it is usually govern in accordance with the religion of the couples. The Yoruba traditional marriage entails different frites which must be strictly adhere to among which is that a bride must wash her feets before entering her husbands house,she must not also meet her spouse at home

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