That cursed blacksmith with his hammer that pounds and his forge that flames! Never again shall I visit his torturous abode!

I was not all well again. “No! No! I shan’t go that dreaded smith again. He is the devil in the guise of a medical man!” But it hurt. It hurt so badly! And so I went. I kicked the dust behind me as I went off

His cottage was dark as usual. “Well hello there robot! Come again for a wee fixing eh?” His face, so evil! “Oh, bent your receptor eh? I can fix that, robot.” He sat me down by the forge. He lifted his hammer. The forge flamed. I beeped a loud scream. POUND! POUND! POUND!

“And now into the fire, robot!” “Aiiiyeeeeee!!!” The fire burned red hot, burned me and melted me. “Lets cool ye’ off. robot” HISSSSS!!!

“And now to fixing ye’ robot. Hold still why don’t ya! Stop squirming! I cannot get a good blow in!” POUND! POUND! POUND!

I walked out of his cottage, rubbing my joints. I was fixed. But what a dreaded man! “Now do not hesitate to come back, robot!” I kicked up dust behind me. Curses be the blacksmith!

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