Theory of Knowledge.


(Dennett critiques Rorty’s post-modernism).

-Science is just a western culture. Science is just one of the equally valid discourses. All cultures are on the same level.

-Dennett’s reply is that we are responsible for what we say. In modern western medicine doctors can’t just say and do what ever they want, they have cetain rules of conduct that they have to follow. If they break the rules they could get fired.

Postmodernism: there is just perspective and opinions. Postmodern professors are guilty of malpractice because they can say what ever they want.

-Dennett’s point is similar to Plato’s point. There are no malpractice lawsuits against professor’s ideas. In the medical professional you have to take an oath. If you are an engineer and you see something wrong you have a law and moral right to whistle blow. Even in economics they have to ask if they are wrong. They can just say what ever they think and feel. Dennett is not worried when professors confine their idea to other professors. Dennett thinks that when professors try to affect the world it is a problem. Professors have to ask themselves what I am saying something wrong.  

-Postmodernists can’t possibly be wrong or right about anything. Nobody can be wrong if they say evolution is wrong.

-For Dennett there are different ways of thinking, but not different ways of knowing. In university you get different ways of knowing. For Dennett there is just one epistemology.

Epistemology: is a precious commodity. It is something to be prized and valued. Dennett claims in many cases you have sheltered nativity.

-Psychopaths lack moral virtues and values. They don’t have the ability to look down on people that hate them. We are looked at by psychopaths as weak and stupid.

-Postmodernists in the social science, and other fields for Dennett have failed to establish truth status in their fields. 

-Dennett turn to Richard Rorty. They disagree with each other. Dennett can’t not agree that truth and reality is just conversations. Dennett does not like the view from postmodernists that everything is political. (To say everything is political is absurd).

-When postmodernists argue about truth they don’t argue to be absolute they argue about logic and evidence. Philosophers go beyond the topic that can be settled on evidence. They go beyond the natural scientists.

-Dennett accused Richard Rorty of hypocrisy which is a serious offence. Richard when it comes to topics like murder and road maps Daniel Dennett is a realist. Vegetarianism have a minimalism.  They just don’t go around eating everything they see. Richard does not use realism in big topics such as post-modernism.

-In biology humans have struggled to get things right. Humans distinguish differences between appearances and reality. We are the first species to get a grip on the turn. Other animals are stuck in the world of experience. We invented culture and tools to get the true answers. We want to get the true reality beyond the principles.

Double blind experiment.

-Scientists take themselves to be wrong. They are restricted. They can’t just say anything. Scientists along have put themselves under extreme pressure for objectively. It is a very competitive field. The doubled blind experiment in medical research. A blind or blinded experiment is a scientific experiment where some of the persons involved are prevented from knowing certain information that might lead to conscious or unconscious bias on their part, invalidating the results. Why did it develop they way it developed?

-As a political misuse of science we should not throw out science because of its imperfections. Postmodernism is harmful for Dennett.

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