It discusses people who are endowed with some kind of talent but happened to take advantage of it because of thier weekness.

Destined to be enigma

In any society we find people who have enigmatic nature in one way or another. People who are born genius, people who are endowed with academic, artistic or technical abilities, yet fail to seize upon it. Some of these people may seem not to have any ability at all but when the opportunity presents itself they imply it.  Others may display it but because they don’t pursue it they may bury it. Still others instead of benefiting themselves, they let others take advantage of their aptitude.

Here is one academician who can be an example of this subject. Born from a pauper family, this guy’s academic achievement was astounding to villagers. He grew up in downtown Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in a shanty village.

In Ethiopia joining a public university is very difficult. Students had to pass national examinations. Only students counted in fingers can make it. It was really painful for students from a poor family even more so for this guy.  His parents have many kids. He is the eldest son. They live in a tiny bungalow. It was really too tiny to accommodate the family. There were no chairs, tables except a double bed. It was said that if all member of the family congregated for a meal, the kids would have to stand while the parents sit on the bed .Because the parents couldn’t feed the kids; the kids were forced to work as a porter in their spare time. Their poverty forced their father to go to the extent of begging hotels’ leftover food.

But despite this their miserable life the kids’ academic

ability flabbergasts villagers. The eldest son corroborated this thing to be true by passing the Ethiopian National examination. The day he passed the exam, the news spread throughout the village. Elderly women flocked to his mum to congratulate her. They spat their saliva on her face saying let God protect him from evil as it was a custom. It wasn’t because he was the first in the village to pass the national examination that amazed the village rather it was his success considering all the circumstances he was in. Another thing that makes his success peculiar in the village was the way he spent his spare time. He spent his spare time with wayward gangs who let alone joining university were all unable to complete their education. These guys maximum level of education didn’t surpass high school if elementary school.

The guy was assigned in Addis Ababa University. Joining this University, he continued to astound his friends by joining a department that demanded a higher grade. In Ethiopia in a government University, it is hard for students to join a department they cherish as the capacity of each department to entertain students at a given year is very limited as a result placement was by grade. Actually, preference usually has something to do with securing a better employment after graduation. Therefore, this guy was able to join the management department by securing a very good grade. Studying this field for four years, he graduated with distinction.

When he graduated villagers became very happy. Elderly women again flocked to his mum to congratulate her. As usual they spat on her face and his face wishing him all the best. Most people were saying this poor woman ‘God has seen her’. Villagers expected him to support his poor family once he was employed, what he reacted to everybody’s expectation was untoward, indeed.

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