I had a "Boogeyman" when I was young. Did you?

When we were young there were many things to be scared of. This could be the fear of the dark, clowns dolls or even monsters; monsters like the Boogeyman.

When I was young, I had one hell of an imagination, it can be good but can also be bad.  For example, a cardboard box could be anything in the world and I can have fun with it for hours.  On the flip side, something I was a little scared of can be extrapolated into a huge monsters, the Boogeyman.

The thing is the Boogeyman was everywhere! Everywhere that was dark was a potential hiding spot for him. He could be in the closet, in the basement, in the trunk of a car, under the bed, literally anywhere. The worst part was, even with a night light, when I closed my eyes it was dark.  This gave me nightmares for months and I could never get a decent sleep.

The way I finally got rid of this fear is by defeating. I got all geared up teddy bear in one hand, my little blankie in another plus my cardboard box and went off into the basement. It was dark and scary down there but my righteous imaginations were stronger then my evil ones.  After this I was no longer scared of the dark and the big bad Boogeyman disappeared.

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