An introduction to Telaesthesia.

Itching superstitions are more common than at first might be apparent. In the UK when our Ears itch or feel warm it is said to be a sign that the person is being spoken about behind their back. when a person shudders they say that someone has just walked across their grave. When the right hand itches it is thought to be a portent of money to be received and conversely if it is the left hand that itches it is supposed that money will leaving the person. In England they have coined the phrase. “Left to leave.Right to receive”

These superstions form part of a wider globally accepted form of divinitation through bodily sensations called Telaesthesia which broadly speaking is the ability to gain information about distant events, objects or people by interpreting our own physical sensations.

Aborigines in the Western Desert area of Australia believe that if a person feels throbbing, it indicates that somebody is thinking about you. They call this Punka-Punkara ad have specific names for the sensations. Other examples include;

A Tickly Nose is called Takalarrara and is a portet of a Visitor approaching.
Other examples include ;
Whistling in the ears(Niirnakatira) A sign that an older sibling is thinking of you.

People the world over have beliefs regarding telaesthesia, itches in particular seem to have the most superstition attached to them. here then are some examples of hoe particular itches have been interpreted;

Itchy Crown of Head is supposed by some  to indicate advancement or promotion.

Itchy Right Eye or Eyebrow is a sign of reunion with an old friend.

Itchy Left Eye or Eyebrow portends irritation

An itchy Ear portends that you will soon be angry

the Ear tingling idicates someone is gossiping about you.

Ringing in the right Ear portends good news.

Ringing inn the left Ear is thought to indicate bad news.

Right Ear itching means someone speaks well of you.

Left Ear itching means someone is gossiping with malice about you.

Right Cheek Someone speaks well of you.

Left Cheek Someone speaks ill of you.

An itchy Nose  means You can expect visitors soon or a quarrel.

An itch Nose on the inside is thought to mean sorrow is coming your way.

An itchy Mouth is thought to mean that someone speaks with disrespect behind your back.

An itchy back of Neck is thought to indicate an illness in the family.

Right Shoulder points to a legacy and fairness.

Left Shoulder points to unfairness.

An itchy back means disappointment.

An itchy right Elbow  is thought to portend exciting news.

Left Elbow is thought to pressage losses.

Right Hand You will soon get a sum of money.

Left Hand You will soon have to pay a sum of money.

An itchy Stomach indicates a meal invitation.

Itchy Thigh’s suggest a house move .

Right Knee  indicates a pleasant journey.

Left Knee indicates an unpleasant journey.

Itchy Shins point to an unpleasant shock.

An itchy right Foot is thought to be a sign of travelling to a familiar place.Where as an itch left Foot is thought to pressage a journey to somewhere new,


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