I do… here’s a little food for thought.

It is said that UFO sightings occur more in the summer months than in the winter… that might be in part due to the fact that more people spend time outside in the summer, but it might also be that perhaps aliens like our weather more that time of the year.

Barney and Betty Hill, were a young couple in the 1950s, who were driving down the road, saw an immense light, and woke up two hours later, not knowing where they’d been.  They were hypnotized, and remembered being aboard a “ship”, and undergoing a thorough physical examination – their case was well documented – just one of the thousands of people who believe they were abducted by aliens.  Must be that something is happening to these people.

Another well-documented case, was a group of four men, camping, who were sitting around the campfire one night, saw something in the sky, saw a bright light, and ‘came to’ three hours later, with three of them standing on the shore, and one in the canoe.  The fire had burned to ashes, and not one of them knew what had happened – until, they too, were hypnotized, and remembered a similar experience. 

There are thousands of UFO sightings worldwide, year round, many photographs have been produced in the past fifty years, which cannot be discounted, and recently, more and more video evidence is coming into light.  There is, literally, mounds of evidence that has yet to be sifted through by UFO investigators.

Cave paintings even exist of UFO’s – saucer shapes with a dome in the center – sometimes with dots beneath it, as if lights, perhaps.  Ancient accounts of someone seeing something unexplainable in the sky also exist… one by a famous pharaoh in 66 A.D.

Mass sightings have occurred in Mexico – most of them near an active volcano, which many say only became active when the sightings began. 

Another interesting phenomenon, gaining attention recently, and often been linked to “alien activity”, is the formation of crop circles.  Extravagant shapes, most very large – which  began to appear in England in 1980…and were, at first, thought to be a hoax.  Since that time, there are over 2,000  crop circles which have appeared worldwide – 80, in the first half of the year 2002, alone.  One group of 55 people, in Germany, witnessed the creation of a crop circle in 16 seconds – no tornado, no spaceship – nothing… it just appeared, they said.

Many organizations are searching for signals from outer space, spending billions of dollars on the effort – some supported by our own government – and they firmly believe that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe.  The space program, itself, which is funded by our government, is based upon this belief.

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  • salmontaste on Aug 16, 2011

    It’s hard to doubt that alien’s don’t exist, especially in a universe that’s so vast. However, I sometimes do have mix feelings about what aliens do with people. Call me a conspiracy nut, but I kind of have a feeling the government sometimes are involved in these strange occurrences, particularly among people that go missing. Meh. That’s just my two cents though. Anyways, thanks for sharing this article! :-)

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