Some thing I don’t quite under stand why do we run like rats; If democracy isn’t a spectator sport and we stand for any thing we can’t afford to run not even from the Kock brothers yes they have money and power that come with that. At some point in time we are going to need to stand our ground do what my dad told me years ago stick to your guns if this fight is worth the fighting take it to them hands feet and teeth; I don’t know if you have children Mr Hartman; Mr Uyguri; I do that’s why I take this fight deadly seriously and I post your videos as well as I post my own stuff. Not asking you to agree or even The Democrats I may be a bit to far left for your tastes and that’s fine with me; But we can’t just let them walk on us like a cheap throw rug any more even if that means getting on local or another net work or getting on Fox and debating Bill O or one of there Lamb brains and tell the public the truth; The reason the tea party has been successful is that they are the only ones talking.

I mean this in all due respect you need a representative that has all the information so you can spread the truth about what your doing and debunk all the junk out there like senator Sanders does on brunch with Bernie. We need to have a voice To have town hall meetings like that at least once a week on cable if they can get on fox any time they want then we should be able to get the same thing of course no threats should be allowed. It’s time to get off of the side lines and Fight; Don’t want to cause you trouble I post you because I believe you are the words of warning and sanity No one may listen or tune in but I’ll keep them up here.

Bernie Sanders considers his reply (Photo credit: BryanAlexander)

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